Hawaiian Energetics

Hawaiian energetics is a hands-on technique used by the Hawaiian Kahuna. This ancient practice utilizes the resources of the environment. The four elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) are the building blocks of our physical existence. During a healing session, the creative force of Mana, the four elements and aloha are combined in a way and flow specifically for your healing. Physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing is available for your renewal, equilibrium, and a sense of well being.

Practitioners of Hawaiian Energetics gather information by listening to both the client’s words and their bodies. The challenges and pressures of daily life can lead to disruptions in the flow of the elemental energies. Health and vitality occur when there is freedom of movement throughout the entire person.

Hawaiian Cranial Sacral

Each individual’s experience of this work varies, but most people experience relaxation and a sense of peace.  The cranial sacral rhythm, like the heartbeat, is the result of the pumping of the spinal fluid in the head and the spinal column. This rhythm is experienced throughout the entire body. Hawaiian cranial sacral work is a gentle process utilizing the elemental energies to re-establish movement and function of the cranium, spine, and cerebral spinal fluid.  When the Cranial Sacral system is re-established, the client will usually feel the release of accumulated stress. This form of treatment is appropriate for such conditions as learning disabilities, diminished concentration, autism, Asperger’s, anxiety and depression.

Treatments may increase focus, promote deep relaxation, enhance the nervous system, increase the effects of serotonin in the body, alleviate physical and emotional distress