Counseling Services

Dear Parents,

When you are having trouble with your child or teen, it can be very difficult to reach out for help. You’ve already taken a courageous first step by considering counseling. Many families have brought their children to me to manage anger, develop a sense of responsibility, improve self-esteem, establish healthy peer relationships, and increase harmony in the home.

As an experienced child psychologist, I can help your family find personal solutions. Because I work closely with school and other health professionals, we can develop and follow through on a comprehensive plan. Whether you choose family or individual counseling for your son or daughter, I believe in collaborating with parents because you understand your child best.

Colleagues and clients often tell me that my compassion and sense of humor helps put families immediately at ease. My enthusiasm draws out the positive in any situation, and my creative use of games makes the healing process fun for children.

You want the best for your child. Together we will help your son or daughter develop the skills to make positive changes throughout their lives and to look toward the future with confidence.

Dr. Sarah Nani

Children & Adolescents

If you are having issues with your child or teen, struggling with anxiety and depression, or facing challenges in your relationships or job, it is important to have a place to find your own solutions. Many individuals, families, and couples have trusted Lehualani Center to support and guide them as they learn to live more fully in their daily lives.

Whether your child is experiencing problems at home, at school, or with peers, he or she has tremendous potential to change and grow. Using expressive play, talk therapies and original therapeutic games, we can increase their vitality.  Your child or teen can develop problem-solving skills to deal with their frustration and anger, increase self-identity and self-support while learning to identify and express emotions in respectful and responsible ways leading to better family, school, and peer relationships.

Our personalized collaborative approach offers a range of services, from one-day workshops to long-term counseling. Clients often share that our compassion, kindness, and professionalism put them immediately at ease, which helps to keep the therapeutic process moving forward. We consider it an honor to work with each of our clients, and look forward to meeting you.


Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Grief
Is your child or teen experiencing stomach aches, headaches, lack of motivation and loss of interest in activities?  These can all be signs of distress. Anxiety, depression, trauma and grief do not have to be obstacles in your child’s development.  Through identifying and expressing their emotions, and experiencing supportive relationships, children and teens can heal.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Does your child have trouble staying organized or seem to continuously lose things or school assignments? Do you have trouble getting your child to follow directions? Does he or she seem to ‘bounce off the walls’? We will share innovative strategies for helping your child follow directions and increase executive functioning skills. Together we can decrease the frustration in your child’s life.

Behavioral Problems
Does your child or teen not following directions or constantly defiant?  Many children go through short periods of defiant behavior, but when it is continuous, it can cause major discord in the family. Numerous families have reported positive changes in their children’s behavior and aggressive outbursts through working with us on behavior modification strategies, anger management techniques, and positive ways to express their feelings.

Learning Disabilities
Is your child or teen having trouble in school with reading, writing, or math?  Your child can learn coping strategies to improve academic performance. Because learning disabilities can affect self-esteem and peer relationships, we will work with your child to identify his or her strengths and develop supportive relationships. Your child can learn the advocacy skills necessary for their success.

Peer Relationships
Is your child or teen isolated, picked on, or bullied? Does he or she have volatile friendships? Your child can improve social skills, enhance self-esteem and increase assertiveness through our collaborative Gestalt approach. We at Lehualani Center are committed to working with your family, child and school to build positive relationships in their lives.

Sensory Overstimulation
Does your child or teen make you remove all the labels from his or her clothes? Do you struggle to get your child to eat a balanced diet? Is your child easily affected by noise? These and other problems with texture, hearing, and balance can indicate that your child’s senses are easily over-stimulated. Using desensitization techniques, you and your child can develop individual coping skills that will improve your child and family’s quality of life.

Dr. Sarah accepts HMSA, Aloha Care, Ohana, Humana, Western Management Group, and Medicare.


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